Discovering Your Divine Design Workshop

Join Apostle Markita Brooks online for this life-changing workshop that will help you discover your purpose and fulfill it through your livelihood.

This workshop will be held online on the following consecutive Mondays from 6pm to 8pm EDT: June 21st, June 28th and July 5th. Join us for all 3 dates as we journey through all of Discovering Your Divine Design.

Sign up TODAY, so that you can receive the COMPLETE coaching program now and get started! Then during these 3 sessions, you can have all of your questions answered and be sure that you have discovered YOUR divine design!

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I can't wait for you to start this journey.

 Discovering Your Divine Design will absolutely change your life, as you journey with God to discover your purpose. You were created for a reason, and all of your gifts, talents, abilities, experiences and strengths will be revealed to uncover God's will for your life. On this journey, we will: ~ Pursue Truth ~ Reveal Damaging Lies ~ Rebuild Trust ~ Renew Hope ~ Reveal Your Strength ~ Target Your Interests ~ Discover Your Divine Design