Kingdom Pillars Coaching

Get 6 months of coaching to become a financier in God's Kingdom, mentor for other Kingdom entrepreneurs, community problem solver and world-changer.

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What You Get:

  •  6 months of Kingdom Pillars Coaching
  •  1.5-hour live Group Coaching Session per month online
  •  Prosperity Startup Coaching or Prosperity Growth Coaching
  •  Access to the Kingdom Wealth Treasury
  •  Email Support

I'm excited to be your coach!

 "I help Kingdom Entrepreneurs discover your God-ordained purpose, create your vision for an abundant life and establish successful enterprises that give God glory, advance His Kingdom and transform lives. I am a messenger, sharing revelation from heaven and Biblical business wisdom to guide you into God's will for you to be a prosperous world-changer in the marketplace."--Markita Brooks, CEO & Founder of Kingdom Wealth, LLC