Wealth Creation Activation

Get this 30-day video coaching series designed to help you discover the power to create wealth that God has placed within you, activate your power to create wealth and free you from that which would sabotage your blessings.  

Order Summary
Wealth Creation Activation

Testimonial on the Wealth Creation Activation by Kennesha Walker of Miwa Design and Graphics 

What You Get:

  •  5 days of freedom from Mammon
  •  "The Power to Create Wealth" Workshop
  •  "Wealth Destroyers" Workshop
  •  21 days of Wealth Creation Activation with a Daniel fast
  •  Email support and access to more resources

I can't wait for you to experience the Wealth Creation Activation.

I will be your guide through your Activation book, daily 1-minute video exhortations and two 2-hour workshops, but God Himself will activate the power to create wealth in you through Scripture, prayer, worship and fasting. He designed you for wealth! Receive what your Heavenly Father has prepared for you, so that you can bless others.--Markita Brooks, CEO & Founder of Kingdom Wealth, LLC