God wants to talk with you about your business

"As I've sought God about how Kingdom Wealth, LLC can do the most good, He has made it clear that He wants to talk to His people. Hence, we're releasing the first Word to Kingdom enterpreneurs given through Kingdom Wealth, LLC right here."--Markita Brooks, CEO & Founder of Kingdom Wealth, LLC

God is always trying to communicate with us about everything that matters. He's using Kingdom Wealth, LLC to communicate with you now about your business through this Word.

This is a message for mature believers in the God of the Bible who would like your businesses to advance His Kingdom. God wants to take your business to the next level, but He wants you to understand His heart, so that you will invite Him to work with you in building your business His Kingdom way. 

A Word from God

God is calling His people to do business His way, to receive empowerment from Him for success and to touch the world through our businesses. Are you ready to surrender your business to God? Are you seeking Him for guidance about your business? Hear the Word of the Lord.

We want to follow-up with you after you receive this Word from God through our "Bible for Business" emails throughout your work week. Please share your email address with us below, and we'll connect you to the Word from God for Kingdom entrepreneurs.

Receive the Word of the Lord

About Kingdom Wealth, LLC  

Kingdom Wealth, LLC is a God-centered business coaching and consulting firm. We are focused on helping people discover their purpose and fulfill it through successful businesses that make a positive difference in the world. God established Kingdom Wealth, LLC to raise up entrepreneurs that would create wealth to advance His Kingdom. Our Founder and CEO, Markita Brooks, has built Kingdom Wealth, LLC upon her many years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, ministry leader and speaker. Our team includes business owners, ministers, community servants and professionals in various industries. Together, we support new businesses and help expand successful ones, so that we can unite to change the world.

About Markita Brooks, CEO & Founder

Markita Brooks has been an entrepreneur, consultant and ministry leader since 2001. She has served as a business consultant for various enterprises and serves on 7 non-profit boards of directors. She is the founder and senior apostle of The Truth In The Spirit, a ministry that unites the Body of Believers globally, while overseeing various other ministries, training pastors, bishops, apostles and other leaders. She is a motivational speaker and the author of many books and training curricula, to include 5 Biblical Keys to Unlocking Wealth. She conducts business and ministry workshops throughout the year, all flowing out of her extensive knowledge of the Bible and leadership. 

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